Articles|Our Offer|News · 30. January 2024
With technology advancing so much in our day, industries are also transformed. These transformed industries need transformed employees. They need employees whose attitude embraces new things, new experiences, new methods, new pathways. Adaptability and a growth mindset have thus become more essential in today's work. This lens must be used in recruiting new employees for an organisation that is looking to ride well into the future. The new additions must not only add to the numbers but also add...
Articles|Our Offer|News · 08. January 2024
The right lens for recruitment requires looking beyond just skills and qualifications. You would often need to consider the cultural fit, as well as diversity and inclusion. When the new team member's values align with the organisation's culture, then there's a fit. This promotes synergy as the team would share a common vision and values. When the team has (or accepts) players of different backgrounds, perspectives, world-views and experiences, it is considered diverse and inclusive. This...
Articles|Our Offer|News · 21. December 2023
Building the right team is crucial to the success of any endeavour. Are you using the right lens, while recruiting team players for your organisation? Or are you simply keeping your fingers crossed? We help you to identify individuals who contribute to a collaborative work force, bring key skills on board, and fit well with your culture. Ride to the top with us - Tibisay Your Partner for Growth.
Articles|Our Offer|News · 01. August 2023
From ancient apprenticeships to modern-day e-learning, the concept of learning and development has evolved. History has captured its phases, both as stand-alone portraits and tied with other elements on the landscape of man's development. How do we stand to gain, though?
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