The Recruiter


With technology advancing so much in our day, industries are also transformed. These transformed industries need transformed employees. They need employees whose attitude embraces new things, new experiences, new methods, new pathways.
Adaptability and a growth mindset have thus become more essential in today's work.

This lens must be used in recruiting new employees for an organisation that is looking to ride well into the future.
The new additions must not only add to the numbers but also add to the strength. They must be individuals with a strong sense of adaptability, who are able to see change as an opportunity to grow. They must be willing and able to build on their skills continually. They must have the capacity (and history, perhaps) to bounce back from setbacks, adversity and failures with renewed strength.

Tibisay Your Partner For Growth helps you recognise and choose the individuals your workforce and industry needs, using insights from much experience.

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